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The ILTER Website is currently being thoroughly reviesed in terms of its content – and it will  get a facelift as well. We plan to be online with our new website in July. 


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What is ILTER?

ILTER is a 'network of networks', a global network of research sites located in a wide array of ecosystems that can help understand environmental change across the globe. ILTER's focus is on long-term, site-based research and monitoring.

ILTER’s vision is a world in which science helps prevent and solve environmental and socio-ecological problems. ILTER contributes to this vision through question and problem-driven research with its unique ability to design collaborative, site-based projects, compare data from a global network of sites and detect global trends.

Most ILTER members are national or regional networks of scientists engaged in long-term, site-based ecological and socio-ecological research (known as LTER or LTSER). They have expertise in the collection, management and analysis of long-term ecological and environmental data. Together they are responsible for creating and maintaining a large number of unique long-term datasets.

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